(Jeff Adachi and Chihiro Wimbush, 2021)

SUN, MAY 15, 2022, 5pm

The Loft Cinema / FREE

In Person: Followed by discussion with San Francisco Public Defenders Francisco Ugarte and Matt Gonzalez, and Pima County Justice For All campaign leaders Margo Cowan and Isabel Garcia, as well as filmmaker Chihiro Wimbush.

RICOCHET tells the story of the trial of an undocumented immigrant, Jose Inés Garcia Zaraté, for the accidental shooting of a young woman in San Francisco in July of 2015. The incident gains national attention when Donald Trump exploits it on the campaign trail, fueling the anti-immigration movement that propels him to the presidency. At the same time, the national media makes the story a referendum on San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy. So the stakes are high when the trial finally begins in Fall 2017, with the defense led by two San Francisco public defenders: Chief Attorney Matt Gonzalez and Francisco Ugarte, head of the office’s Immigration Defense Unit.


Jason D. Mak Award for Social Justice | DisOrient Asian American Film Festival
Audience Award for Best Documentary | CAAMFest
Opening Night Film | DisOrient Asian American Film Festival
Special Recognition for Best Editing | Thin Line Fest


“Their story is so heartbreaking, but the fact that it was used as an anti-immigrant stance, as opposed to an anti-gun stance is shows to me the power structures that are alive.”
– Miko Lee, Co-Host Apex Express

“Ricochet provides a framework to intelligently and rationally frame the question of how and why immigrants are often scapegoated and why this case became a vehicle for politicians such as President Trump to further their anti-immigration policies.”
– Jeff Adachi, Co-Director/Producer

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