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WORKSHOP: The Many Roles of the Documentary Producer

Presented by Jen Gilomen
February 28, 2020, 2-4pm
DocScapes workshops are designed to support graduate students from diverse disciplines who wish to deepen their knowledge of contemporary documentary practices. Community-based filmmakers and UA faculty and staff are also welcome. For more info and/or to RSVP, email Beverly Seckinger.

Join filmmaker Jen Gilomen, producer and director of photography for the new documentary film UNSETTLED: SEEKING REFUGE IN AMERICA (directed/produced by Tom Shepard) for a discussion about what it takes to produce an independent feature documentary. Producers wear many hats, and each film is different — which means the role of a producer is always morphing to fit the needs of each production. In addition to producing Unsettled, Gilomen has directed, produced, and shot several features and shorts, narratives and documentaries, many with LGBTQ+ themes…